Books in English

Books in English

The Vikings

Anderson, R. America Not Discovered by Columbus
Brøgger & Shetelig The Viking Ships
Brøsted, Johannes The Vikings
Christensen, A.E. Guide to the Viking Ships (at Bygdøy)
Davidson, Ellis Pagan Scandinavia
Davidson, Ellis Scandinavian Mythology
Du Chaillu, Paul The Viking Age
Duffy, Margeritte R. The Vikings
Fitzhue, William & Elizabeth The Vikings, The North Atlantic Saga
Foot & Wilson The Viking Achievement
Geipel, John The Viking Legacy
Glob, P.V. The Bog People
Gordon, Kate The Vikings and Their Predecessors
Graham-Campbell, James The Viking World
Green, R. L. Myths of the Norsemen
Hagen, Anders Ancient People and Places (Norway)
Hagen, Anders The Viking Ship Finds
Jenkins, Buck The Ships of Odin
Jones, Gwyn A History of the Vikings
Keary, A. & E. The Heroes of Asgard
Klindt-Jensen & Ehren The World of the Vikings
Madsen, O. The Vikings
Magnusson, Magnus Hammer of the North
Magnusson, Magnus Viking Art
Magnusson, Magnus Vikings
Magnusson, Magnus Viking Expansion Westward
Malmgren, Bertil The Viking
Marsden, John The Fury of the Northmen
Moen, Robert A. The Sailing of Leif the Lucky and Other Poems
Portner, Rudolf The Vikings
Sturluson, Snorri From the Sagas of the Norse Kings
Tweddle & R. Hall Viking Ships
Wernick The Vikings
Wilson, David (ed.) The Northern World
Wilson & Klindt-Jensen Viking Art
(Epic) The Elder Edda
(Time-Life Book) The Northmen
(Time-Life Book) The Vikings

History and Cultural History

Adamson, Hans C. Admiral Thunderbolt (about Tordenskjold- aka Peder Wessel)
Asp, Bob Viking Shipbuilding. A Dream is a Dream
Birkeland, Joran Birchland (A Journey Home to Norway)
Bjørk West of the Divide
Blegen Norwegian Migration to America
Derry, T. K. A History of Scandinavia
Dublin, Peter I Was a Teenager in Norway
Evensen, Knut Valdres, Diversity and Enchantment
Farley, Mowat West Viking, the Ancient Norse in Greenland & North
(Magazines) American-Scandinavian Foundation. Scandinavian Review. (several magazines)
(Document) The Constitution of Norway


Fish, Gordon Dreams of Freedom
Gilseth, Margaret C. Julia’s Children. A Norwegian Immigrant Family in Minnesota.
Hall, Elvajean The Land and People of Norway (1973)
Hambro, J.C. I Saw It Happen in Norway
Hansen, Carl G.O. History of the Sons of Norway
Hansen, Sylvia Gaustad. The Romance of Norway
Haugen, Einar The Norwegians in America 1825-1875
Haugen, Einar Spoken Norwegian (textbook, Norw.-Eng.)
Hoidal, Oddvar Quisling: A Study in Treason
Hoidal, Oddvar Norsemen and the N. American Forest (Journal of Forest History)
Hopp, Zinken Norwegian History Simplified
Howarth, David We Die Alone (about Jan Balsrud – WWII patriot)
Ingstad, Helge The Land under the Polar Star
Kallestad, Harald Bergstaden Røros – Norway
Lindbæk, Lise Norway’s New Saga of the Sea (Merchant Marine, WWII)
Lee, Robert Lloyd Fever Saga
Lokke, Carl Klondike Saga. The Chronicle of a Minnesota Mining Company
Løvold, Odd A Century of Urban Life. The Norwegians in Chicago Before 1930
Løvold, Odd (ed.) Makers of an American Immigrant Legacy
Løvold, Odd (ed.) Nordics in America
Løvold, Odd The Promise of America
Løvold, Odd The Promise Fulfilled
Mauk, David C. The Colony that Rose from the Sea. Norwegian Maritime Migration and Community in Brooklyn 1855-1910
Monroe, W.E. The Viking Land: Norway, Its People, Its Fjords and Its Fjelds (1908)
Nansen, Odd From Day to Day
Nelson, David T. (ed.) The Diary of Elizabeth Koren
Nelson, Laurence (ed.) Norwegian Americans in the Midwest 1825-1975
Nelson, Marion Material Culture and People’s Art Among the Norwegians In America
Norborg, Sverre An American Saga (History of Sons of Norway)
Øverland, Orm The Western Home. A Literary History of Norwegian
Råen, Aågot Grass of the Earth, The Story of a Norwegian Immigrant Family in Dakota
Rasmussen, Janet E. New Land New Lives. Scandinavian Immigrants to the Pacific Northwest
Riste, Olav The Norwegian Intelligence Service 1945-70
Rothery, Agnes Iceland, New World Outpost
Rølvåg, Ole Concerning our Heritage (Omkring Fædrearven)
Rostad, Barbara Olsen (Kvigne) If I Can Do This. The Sage of Ski for Light
Royal Norw. Govt. Info. Ofc. Håkon VII – Alt
For Norge
Rustad, Mary S. (ed.) The Black Books of Elverum
Semingsen, Ingrid Norway to America. A History of the Migration
Siverts, Victor A Norse American Saga
Smith, Helen Tahoe’s Hidden Castle
Stafford, Kate and Harald Næss. On Both Sides of the Ocean, A Part
Of Per Hagen’s Journey
Sønsteby, Gunnar Report from #24 (2)
Vanberg, Bent. Of Norwegian Ways
Wickstrom, Kari North of Skarv Island
Zempel, Solveig (ed.) In Their Own Words, Letters from Norwegian Immigrants (2)
Wickstrom, Kari North of Skarv Island
(Collection) Håkonshallen, A Compilation of Several Historians (Norw. & Eng. Texts)
Norw.-Amer.Hist.Assn. Land of the Free, Bjørnstierne Bjørnson’s American Letters, 1880-81
Norw.Amer.Hist.Assn. A Chronicle of Immigrant Life, Sven Nilson’s Articles in Billede-Magazin, 1868-70
Norw.-Amer.Hist.Assn. Vivacious Daughter
Norw.-Amer.Hist.Assn. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, Vol. XVIII (1954)
Norw.-Amer.Hist.Assn. Norwegian-American Studies (part of the Series) issues 21-32 for years 1962-89
(Magazines) Viking Magazines
(Map) The Vinland Map and the “Tartar Relation.”

Illustrated Books, Land and Culture

Hoidal, Anne Kløvnes Bunads in America – A Southern Calif. Tradition
Hurlimann & Oxenstierna Scandinavia
Jerman, Gunnar. New Norway 3-4-6
Johnson, Pål Espolin Hurtigruta (Coastal Steamer)
Kallestad, Harald Bergstaden Røros – Norway
Larsen Greet Those at Home
Manker, Ernst People of the Eight Seasons (Samis)
Maze, E. Scandinavian Landscapes
Mittet & Co. Norway Calling
Navrath, Alfred. Norway
Opstad, Gunvald Norway
Riggit, Don & Kathy Norwegian Light
Robinson Captured by the Norwegians
Sassi, Dino Laponia
Siegner, Otto Scandinavia
Smart, Ted Scandinavia
Valebrokk, Eva & Thiis Evensen Norway’s Stave Churches
Virch, Pat Traditional Norwegian Rosemaling 1-2 (patterns in folder)
Vogt, Per (ed.) Norway Today
Von Ehrenfels, Gregor Nordic Spirit
Harstad (pictorial), published by Grafisk Forum
Life World Library Scandinavia
(Pictorial) Look at Norway
Norway Times. Liberation Day 1945-1995
(Pictorial) Norway in Colors / Norge I Farger
(Pictorial) Troms Fylke (Troms County), nature og bosetning (in both Eng. & Norw.)
(Pictorial) Fotosentralen. Hilsen from Sørlandet

Miscellaneous Books

Bye, Erik Blow Silver Wind
Keillor, Garrison Lake Woebegon Days
Keillor, Garrison Leaving Home
Keillor, Garrison Woebegon Boy
Lee, Art The Lutefisk Ghetto (2)
Lee, Art Leftover Lutefisk (3)
Legvold, G. The Last Toast to Lutefisk
Legvold, G. Lutefisk (2)
Nielsen, S.F. & C. But, The Twain Did Meet (autobiography of S. Falck and
Charlotte Nielsen)
Stangland, Red Norwegian Home Companion
(Magazine} Cat Fancy Magazine (Sept. 1994) – Article on Norwegian Forest Cats
Dictionaries Norwegian-English (several)
Sons of Norway New Songbook (words only)
Sons of Norway Musician’s Songbook (music & words)
Sons of Norway New Songbook (words & music)


Dasent, George East o’ the Sun & West o’ the Moon (59 Norw. Folk
Tales by Dasent)
Dasent, George Tales from the Fjeld; Popular Tales from the Norse by
D’Auclaire, Ingrid East of the Sun and West of the Moon (21 tales)
Goldsmith, Don Runestone
Hall, Katherine Page The Body in the Fjord (mystery for young & old)
Høeg, Peder Smilla’s Sense of Snow (Greenland/Danish mystery)
Ibsen, Henrik Three Plays: (Hedda Gabler, A Dolls’s House, The Wild Duck)
Ibsen, Henrik Four Great Plays (2 of 4 are different in each book)
Ibsen, Henrik Peer Gynt
Jensen, Buck The Ship of Oden (novel)
Meek, Doris Norska
Moberg, Wilhelm The Emigrants
Moberg, Wilhelm Last Letter Home
Moberg, Wilhelm The Settlers
Moberg, Wilhelm Unto a Good Land
Pålsson, Hermann & Paul Edwards Seven Viking Romances
(Medieval tales from Iceland)
Rolvåg, O.E. Giants of the Earth
Rolvåg, O.E. Peder Victorius
Rolvåg, O.E. Their Fathers’ God
Rystad, Gunnstein Popular Norwegian Poems in English Translation
Smiley, Jane The Greenlanders
Snelling, Lauraine A Land to Call Home
Snelling, Laurainev/td> A New Day Rising
Snelling, Lauraine An Untamed Land
Snelling, Lauraine A Dream to Follow
Snelling, Lauraine Believing the Dream
Swenson, Elaine U First the Dream
Ullman, Liv Changing
Undset, Sigrid The Axe
Undset, Sigrid Kristin Lavransdatter I-III
Undset, Sigrid The Snake Pit
Undset, Sigrid The Son Avenger
Undset, Sigrid The Wilderness
(Epic) The Kalevala (Finnish National Epic)
Collection Scandinavian Proverbs
(Saga) Viga-Glum’s Saga and the Story of Ögmund Dytt

Arts and Crafts

Anker, Peter. The Art of Scandinavia
Hamlen, Paul The Art of Scandinavia II
Magnusson, Magnus Viking Art
Nielsen, Edith Scandinavian Embroidery, Past and Present
Meier, Susan & Rosalyn Watnemo Hardanger Embroidery Favorites
Stewart, Janice S. The Folk Arts of Norway
Virch, Pat Traditional Norwegian Rosemaling, folio 1-2 (patterns in folder)
(Catalogue) At Century’s End: Norwegian Arts and Figurative Tradition 1880-1990
(Catalogue) The Art of Norway 1750-1914 (Exhibition Catalogue)
(Pictorial) Norwegian Art Treasures, 900 Years of Textiles, Sculpture and Silver