Standing Rules

Standing Rules of Valhall Lodge 6-25

  1. That flowers and cards be sent to the sick members, and that the Sunshine Committee determine amounts and kind.
  2. That the lodge publishes a monthly newsletter except for July and January.
  3. That literature and correspondence of the lodge be kept on file two (2) years and financial records for five (5) years.
  4. That two or more additional Social Directors be appointed by the President upon the recommendation of the Social Director.
  5. That the Charter be displayed at all meetings and be draped in memory of departed members.
  6. That we recognize all Birthdays and Wedding Anniversaries at the social after the business meetings.
  7. That we give the editor full authority to change anything for the good of the newsletter.
  8. That we have welcoming ceremonies when deemed necessary by the President!
  9. That Valhall No. 25 members and immediate family living in the same household be eligible to draw blood from the blood bank.  Also eligible are non-member family members who have donated blood in the name of Valhall No. 25 during the past 12 months.
  10. That the scheduled Lodge meetings be held on the second Monday of each month at 7: PM and the scheduled socials on the third Saturday of every month.
  11. That young adult members ages 16 through 23 years of age be required to pay only the portion of the initiation fee and annual dues assessed by the home office.
  12. That the Valhall King Olav medal shall be worn by the current President of the lodge to meetings and social occasions, and that it be entrusted to the President for safekeeping and passed on to the succeeding President.  The Valhall King Harald medal shall be worn by the current Vice-President of the lodge to meetings and social occasions, and that it be entrusted to the Vice-President for safekeeping and passed on to the succeeding Vice-President.
  13. That for socials the Cultural Director will choose a form of entertainment, if required, and pay them accordingly as decided by him/her and the committee.
  14. That blood donors will be given a free dinner at a lodge social within 12 months after they donate.
  15. That an annual statement of income and expenses be prepared by the Treasurer for members to see how the lodge finances are obtained and used, unless more frequently as requested by the Board of Directors
  16. That Valhall will give 1/2 Camperships, annually toward the cost of the camp fees for the District 6 Camp Trollfjell or Folkehogskule at Camp Norge, Alta, CA. All applicants must meet the eligibility rules for admission to the camp, and must be children or grandchildren of Valhall No. 25 members.  1/2 Camperships will be given either for campers or Counselors-in-Training (CIT).  Individuals who also receive scholarships from other Sons of Norway organizations would not be eligible to receive only the 1/2 Campership.
  17. That at its annual election of officers Valhall Lodge elects two (2) Directors of Valhall Sons of Norway Incorporated to serve a term of three (3) years.  The current President of Valhall No. 25 shall be a member of the Corporation Board.
  18. That we give out 10 year pins and this will take place as the President and Membership Committee deems necessary.
  19. The President of Valhall Lodge No. 25 shall be automatically elected as the first delegate to the District 6 Convention if he or she is able to attend.
  20. Ladies of Valhall (LOV) – This is a group of Ladies who are members in good standing in Sons of Norway who meet the criteria of the LOV. The purpose of this group is to foster the objectives and goals of Valhall Lodge No. 25 in friendship, fraternalism, cultural, social and fundraising activities outside of Valhall Lodge functions. Meeting places of the LOV will be where it is most suitable to the LOV membership including facilities used by Valhall Lodge on a non-interfering basis. Time, date and location must be announced in the Valhall Lodge newsletter. The funds raised by the LOV may be kept outside the Valhall Lodge general account, subject to an annual audit by Valhall. The funds will be used at the discretion of the LOV. The membership of the LOV will elect their desired leadership annually and announce the results in the Valhall newsletter. Officers must include a Secretary/Treasurer as their funds are kept outside the Valhall general account.
  21. Any member of Valhall Lodge who is currently a District or International Officer will automatically be a voting member of the Valhall Board of Directors. This is in view of their experience and value to the board deliberations.
  22. Catered dinners may be required to be pre-paid as determined by the Social Committee Chairperson or his/her designee.
  23. That the Valhall Sons of Norway Inc. purchase a King Harald V Medallion to be worn by the Valhall Lodge Counselor. The King Harald V Medallion would be given to the outgoing Valhall Lodge president after two years of service as the lodge president and upon acceptance of the position of Lodge Counselor. A new medallion would be purchased every other year by the Corporation as part of the lodge’s humanitarian efforts. This award is to take effect January 1, 2002.
  24. Reservations are required for all lodge socials or special events, to assist in determining requirements for the dinner. Reservation Refunds may be made for special circumstances when approved by the Board of Directors.

Approved by the Board of Directors on October 18, 2017

Approved by the Membership on November 13, 2017