About Our Meeting Place

About Our Meeting Place

Ascension Lutheran Church
5106 Zion Ave.
San Diego, CA 92120

Information About the Church


The Valhall President, Marshall, and Social Director were each issued a key to most locks in the Church. The key also works the padlock to the yard where the storage shed/pod is located. The padlock has to be closed up in order to remove the key. Each person issued a key signed a document that instructed the recipient not to duplicate the key. Each recipient is responsible for safeguarding the key and is liable for the cost of rekeying the Church if the key is lost. There is a separate key that belongs to Valhall Lodge that unlocks the padlock to the storage shed. The Marshall has that key, and other officers may also have copies of that key.


When unlocking the Church, enter through the door into the Kitchen. There are two alarm boxes to the left of the entry door. Since the door swings open to the left, the boxes are behind the door when the door is open. When you face the alarm boxes, the box on the left is the fire alarm box and the box on the right is for security. You need to disarm the security alarm but should leave the fire alarm armed. A red LED in the lower left corner of the box indicates that the alarm is armed.

The Valhall President, Marshall, and Social Director have received instructions for arming and disarming the alarms.

The security alarm is activated by a motion sensor. It is important to stay close by the alarm box until you have the alarm disarmed. If you walk through the kitchen toward the large adjacent room, you will activate the motion sensor.

When you close up the Church, you must make sure all doors other than the kitchen door are already locked and then you must set the alarm before you close and lock the kitchen door and screen door. Before setting the alarm, make sure that there is no other activity going on in the Church. For example, there could be choir practice in another building.

Some of the Valhall officers know the code to the gate into the church yard. It is OK to prop the gate open after 6 PM on weekdays and all day on weekends. (No doubt it is propped open on Sunday mornings.)

Using the Church

Our activities (both lodge meetings and socials) will take place in the recreation room next to the Kitchen. The Sanctuary is reserved for worship services. The recreation room has national flags hanging from the ceiling, including the United States, Canada, and Norway.

It is important to turn on the large vent fan if you do any cooking in the kitchen. Unventilated smoke can activate the fire alarm. The switch over the light switch by the door from the kitchen into the adjacent room turns on the vent fan. If you activate the fire alarm and are satisfied that you have corrected the cause of the alarm, you can turn off the fire alarm, wait a few minutes, and then turn it back on.

There is a light switch in the kitchen next to the door (on the other side of the door from the alarm boxes). It turns on one light. There is another switch next to the door into the recreation room. There is a third switch between those two that is hard to describe on paper. You need to find all of the switches to get all of the kitchen lights on.

There is a light switch in the hall near the door to the Administrative Office that turns on the light over the entrance to the recreation room. Other light switches in the recreation room are on the wall next to the library door. Near the light switches are switches that turn on the heater and vent in the recreation room. There is also a thermostat nearby.

There are three tables that are typically positioned near the entrance to the recreation room from the hallway. We can move those tables around during our activities, but we should return them to where we found them at the start of our activities. The Church is not as strict about where we leave the chairs when we are finished with our activities. We can leave some of the chairs around the 3 tables or we can stack them by the wall where we found some additional chairs. There are additional tables and chairs stacked on the north side of the room. Out in the patio is a storage shed with round tables that can be rolled into the room.

There are entrances into rest rooms from outside near the door to the Kitchen. The Men’s room has a door into the inside of the Church that can be bolted from inside the rest room. The Women’s restroom has entrances from both outside and inside the church. There is a dividing door in the Women’s restroom that is to be locked during preschool hours but can be left unlocked at other times.

Our bartenders need to pay attention to the sobriety of patrons. The Church does not want anybody to get sloshed on their premises.

The north side of the parking lot has a trash dumpster and a recycle dumpster. The Valhall President, Marshall, and Social Director know the codes to the padlocks on those dumpsters.

The Marshall received training on the sound system. There are 2 jacks on the West wall (away from the sound system) that are Channels 1 and 2. There is one jack in the sound system that is Channel 4. If the sound system goes south, it can be pulled out (carefully!) and a reset button is on the back on the right side. (At the time this was written, it had been more than a year since the system went south.) Microphones and cords are in the cabinet below. The Microphones are mounted on a cabinet door. There is a small microphone stand that can be used on a table that is stored in the cabinet. There is a floor length microphone stand stored in the library.